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10 reasons Language Stars should top your enrichment activity list

Posted by Language Stars on Aug 16, 2017 1:22:45 PM

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Flashcards. Online exercises. Listening and repeating audio tapes. A lot of typical foreign language instruction isn't just ineffective, it's plain old boring!

Learning a new language should be an enjoyable experience. For kids, it must be fun, engaging and memorable. If it's not, kids won't be able to retain the information required to become multilingual. What's more, they're likely to complain a whole lot to Mom and Dad.

Language Stars is different than what many people expect. When a young student starts a class, they are immersed in a world of fun cultural teachings. Each class is a new and exciting adventure. Every week brings big smiles and memorable experiences for both students and parents.

Why is the experience with Language Stars so unique? Here are 10 reasons why Language Stars is a top children's enrichment program. 

  1. Interactivity equals excitement: There's no "read, recite, repeat" here. Kids need to stay engaged in order to truly learn. Each Language Stars class features high-energy, interactive instruction that excites each young learner. There are no dull days because the curriculum is play-based and fun!
  2. Full immersion: The next best thing to learning a language by living in a country where it's spoken is learning it in a full-immersion classroom. Language Stars students enjoy a full-immersion environment supported by authentic cultural experiences and learning aids that make language acquisition fun. Entering each classroom is sort of like taking a field trip to a new country!
  3. FunImmersion: When students have fun, learning becomes second nature. That's why Language Stars curriculum is designed to support the organization's FunImmersion® learning philosophy. Bottom line: Fun is at the center of everything your child will experience.
  4. Native speakers: All classes at Language Stars are taught by qualified native-speaking teachers from one of more than 20 countries. Whether it's a Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, German or Arabic class, your child will get an authentic experience with deep cultural insights.
  5. High-energy: Language Stars teachers are passionate about what they do. With big smiles, big hearts, vivid facial expressions and exaggerated gestures, they have a special knack for connecting with students. Just enter a classroom and you'll feel the energy from each teacher immediately.
  6. Thematic units: The proven curriculum is designed to teach kids foreign languages in an engaging way that facilitates high levels of retention. Fun games and spirited songs strengthen cognitive development. Thematic units like "Language Stars Olympics" and "Messy Masterpieces" introduce vocabulary, phrases, cultural learning and more.
  7. Beyond the classroom: Being a Language Stars student is about more than just attending classes. Each student gets access to the virtual "Student Center" where curriculum content is updated for each unit, helping families to reinforce learning at home. Additionally, every student receives their own workbook to help practice key words and phrases taught during each each class.
  8. Diversity: Language Stars introduces students to diverse new cultures so they are prepared to be global citizens now and in the future. Students gain an authentic jump start in today’s multicultural world.
  9. Friendship and memories: Students are more than just classmates. Many form bonds that equate to lifelong friendships. Furthermore, teachers aren't just subject matter experts. Over time students build a lasting relationship with their teachers while making countless memories.
  10. No-hassle policy: Choosing the right extracurricular activities for your kids is difficult. That's why parents love Language Stars' flexible, no-hassle policy. If for any reason you have an unexpected change to your schedule, your local Language Stars center will help you find a day/time that fits your needs.

If these 10 reasons have you thinking you want to enroll in Academic Year or Summer classes, contact us today!

Bonus tip!

New families are always encouraged to try an introductory trial class. Trial classes are the perfect way to preview how Language Stars will support your child's language journey.

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