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5 questions educators should consider to create a dynamic school year

Posted by Language Stars on Aug 11, 2017 8:12:49 AM


Teachers across the country are setting up classrooms, planning lessons and imagining the possibilities for the new group of young minds they'll help mold over the next year.

As an educator, your hopes and dreams embody the hopes and dreams of your students. Each year is a new opportunity to reflect on past successes and misses in the classroom and to approach your educational adventure with renewed enthusiasm.

You can make this your best year yet by integrating creative strategies into your educational approach. The hope is to engage students on a deeper level, assist them to understand curriculum thoroughly and to help them develop a lifelong love of learning.

Here are five questions to ponder as you plan the upcoming year. These will help you discover creative ideas to innovate the classroom and propel students forward.

How can my school foster a sense of connection?

Students who bond with each other, as well as with the teacher, feel more comfortable in the classroom. These connections help create an environment more conducive to learning. Plan first-week activities to help kids get to know each other. This could involve diversity curriculum and sharing opportunities. Be a role model by sharing openly about yourself, too.

How can teachers create a positive experience for students?

Having a positive attitude and outlook is necessary to create a positive environment at school. One thing teachers should consider is how they will celebrate with their students. This isn't just birthdays—how will you celebrate big and small successes, overcoming hurdles, individual and classroom achievements?

How can I provide a well-rounded educational experience?

Reading, writing and math may be at the heart of the educational journey, but today's students need much more. This can be difficult when budgets are tight and cuts impact the curriculum. Find creative solutions to offer music, art and foreign language classes at your school without breaking the bank. Take, for instance, Language Stars at School. They offer expert, native-speaking teachers to schools so that schools can efficiently provide foreign language enrichment to their entire student population. Think outside the box to give your students the rich experience they deserve.

How can I best utilize technology?

Technical literacy is an important skill for today's youth, but it can serve a much higher purpose when it's used in creative ways to support learning and development. Because technology is always changing, research how new technology might enhance your curriculum. Reach out to fellow educators for ideas and advice.

How can I design classrooms to promote learning?

Classroom design influences student functioning more than many educators realize. Desk and table layout is the first step; look at the classroom from all angles to support the needs of every student. Decor can make a difference, too. Remember to reflect on classroom design throughout the year and make adjustments based on your observations and student responses.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you create an incredible school year full of memories and remarkable moments.

What school-year tip tops your to-do-list?

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