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The best books for kids series - French

Posted by Language Stars on Jan 30, 2018 3:06:26 PM

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Reading at home is a great way to reinforce what your child is learning at Language Stars. Beyond Le Petit Prince, the masterpiece by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, which is required reading for French language students worldwide, what are some other great French books for children and teens? Here's a selection of some of Amazon’s top-selling children’s French books.

My First French Book by Mandy Stanley (2007, Kingfisher)

Suitable for toddlers on up, this delightful book features first words, numbers, colors and shapes and helps young children learn basic vocabulary. An ideal “look and say” book, the format encourages adult-child interaction.

Un Deux Trois: First French Rhymes by Opal Dunn (2006, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books) 

Simple songs and rhymes are a great way to familiarize young children with another language. Un Deux Trois is a collection of 25 traditional nursery rhymes featuring simple words and phrases. The book also includes a CD of the rhymes and features lively illustrations. There’s even a guide for parents who don’t speak the language.

My First Bilingual Book series (2012, Milet Publishing) 

This fun and simple series of board books is intended to increase and enrich your toddler’s vocabulary with photographs, bright illustrations and dual-language words in clear, bold text. There’s La Musique, Les Legumes, Les Fruits, Les Animaux, Les Vêtements and more.

Histoires à lire le soir by Marc Thil (2013, CreateSpace)

The first of the series features 12 short stories that will amuse and delight kids ages 8 to 12 ... but they’re also good for parents who are learning French or who want to brush up on their language skills. The stories are funny and clever, use illustrations and relatively simple language, and are great bedtime reading.

Le Mystère du train de la nuit by Marc Thil (2015, CreateSpace)

In this full-length mystery for children above age 8 or so (and anyone else who wants to brush up on their French), teens Axel and Violette discover a strange train parked in the woods. When two men climb out of it, the mystery begins. What are they hiding? Why does the train come and go at night along an abandoned track?

With these great selections, all you have to do is snuggle up with your child and start reading! 

Which French children's book tops your list?

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