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Learning a foreign language early helps childhood development

Posted by Language Stars on Oct 21, 2016 2:41:56 PM

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Learning early matters! It sounds simple, but research has proven that early childhood development in foundational subjects can prime a child for future success. Whether it's math, science or a world language, the brain is primed to process and learn information more easily in a child’s early developmental years. That’s why it’s essential you consider these top reasons to start foreign language learning early.

Children will enjoy a lifetime of benefits

Research has proven that by learning a world language early, children develop new neural growth and connections among neurons. These additional neural connections make it possible to develop valuable academic and non-academic abilities. Whether it's a hobby like juggling or an enhanced ability to process information, the benefits for children, parents and local communities will be realized for life. 

Children will develop cultural appreciation

Learning a new language early in life provides unique insight and appreciation into other cultures. Globally, many children enter multilingual learning programs early and benefit from the cultural awareness that is instilled through world language classes. In order for America to catch up, early childhood education needs to integrate world language learning as a core focus. By doing so at an early age, our future leaders and innovators will have a fundamental appreciation for world cultures.

Children will be primed to go from bilingual to multilingual 

Once a child has started learning a second language, they've already begun to develop the neural connections to more easily learn additional languages. Parents and schools may have different goals when it comes to achieving multilingualism. But in order to give a child the best shot at becoming multilingual, it's critical that they start learning a second world language early.

At what age did you first learn a world language? Do you think you would have benefited from learning the language earlier?

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