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Why learn a foreign language? Studies help educators make their case

Posted by Language Stars on Sep 28, 2017 6:00:13 PM


The majority of teachers understand the importance of learning a foreign language. However, in many schools foreign language instruction doesn't exist, barely exists or is threatened with cuts due to financial constraints.

This bleak outlook is heartbreaking to educators who want to grow diverse and well-rounded students. Advocating for foreign language instruction can be difficult, but knowing some facts about why it's so important to youth can help you win your argument.

Whether you're an educator facing a skeptical administration, budget cuts from the school board or just trying to convince critical parents, here are some studies that prove the benefits of learning a foreign language can't be ignored.

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First-day-of-school activities guaranteed to make students smile

Posted by Language Stars on Sep 3, 2017 5:27:00 PM

The first day of school inspires a spectrum of emotions for students. There's excitement, joy, anxiety, wonder and so much more. Considering kids feel big emotions, smart teachers know how to put students at ease and set the stage for fun.

The first day of school is all about getting settled and getting to know each other better. Kids need time to adjust to a new environment and bond with their new classmates. Teachers want to kick off the year with a positive experience, so many plan special first-day activities to get everyone ramped up and ready to learn.

Here are five awesome back-to-school activities guaranteed to make students smile: 

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