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An educator's guide to the summer slide [Infographic]

Posted by Language Stars on Jan 8, 2018 8:38:16 PM

As an educator, you've likely observed the summer slide. That blank look on  student faces in September when they should easily be able to recall curriculum from earlier in the year can quickly give you grey hairs.

The summer slide or summer learning loss is defined as the academic attrition a student experiences over the summer.  Whether you're a principal, administrator or teacher, this epidemic impacts you in numerous ways. Explore our infographic  for an overview of the summer slide and discover two easy solutions to help your students stay on track as they build fluency in a world language.

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Five unexpected benefits of learning a foreign language

Posted by Language Stars on Jan 5, 2018 3:27:51 PM

Why should your child learn a foreign language when English is spoken, or at least partially understood, in many countries around the globe? Learning another language is never a waste of time, but the benefits go well beyond being able to ask for directions to the Gare du Nord in Paris, ordering pasta with confidence in a Roman trattoria or saying hello to a friendly face in Beijing.

When you're visiting another country, knowing the language — even the basics — makes traveling easier, safer and more fun, but there are more compelling reasons to expose your child to a world language at a young age. Here are five unexpected benefits of learning another language.

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5 reasons to enroll in a Language Stars summer camp [Infographic]

Posted by Language Stars on Jan 4, 2018 2:48:21 PM

It's that time of the year to start planning for summer camps! Before you know it, your young learner will have completed another year of school or will be closer to entering their first school experience. 

While there is a multitude of summer enrichment camps, a foreign language summer camp or summer class is the perfect way to give your young learner a global experience without leaving the country. As you consider different summer camps to help your child avoid the summer slide, make sure to explore our top 5 reasons why you should enroll your young learner in a Language Stars summer program. 

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What foreign language should my child learn?

Posted by Language Stars on Dec 29, 2017 9:52:28 AM

When deciding what world language your child should learn, there are many considerations. One question many parents struggle with is what factors should I consider when determining the right foreign language for my child?

The issue with this common question is that what's considered most practical is highly subjective. What you value most from learning a particular language is very different than what another parent may value. That being said, here are some considerations where you should weigh when evaluating what language your child should learn.

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Why choose private immersion classes?

Posted by Language Stars on Dec 28, 2017 11:40:33 AM

You've decided to enrich your child's life with foreign language classes. Great! Which option should you choose—group classes or one-on-one instruction? The short answer: You can't go wrong with either. But there are key differences to consider when exploring foreign language private lessons.

Group classes offer fun, camaraderie, friendship and peer support. Kids thrive in FunImmersion® and are engaged by high-energy activities that incorporate play-based learning. At Language Stars, the classroom experience is a blend of enriching group activities blended with fun projects. Children learn the language in an organic, natural way and have fun doing it.

However, in a group setting, the pace may be too slow for some and too fast for others.

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Bringing immersive foreign language learning to the classroom

Posted by Language Stars on Dec 5, 2017 5:25:34 PM

Wish you could whisk your students away for an immersive foreign language trip where they experience the culture and language firsthand? Language immersion in a foreign country is a wonderful way to support language development, but you don't necessarily have to leave the classroom to experience the benefits.

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Authentic materials matter in foreign language classes

Posted by Language Stars on Nov 29, 2017 10:39:16 AM

Full immersion is one of the fastest ways to learn a new language. However, most parents don't have the ability to spend a year or more abroad, and certainly educators aren't able to fly their classes to experience a particular culture firsthand.

Since you can't get students to the other side of the world, you have to bring the world to them. One of the best ways to do this is by using authentic materials when teaching a foreign language to kids.

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How Language Stars teaches to different learning styles

Posted by Language Stars on Nov 9, 2017 7:27:21 PM

Learning a new language is a complex process for adults that often comes naturally to kids. When young students are in a fun environment where they feel comfortable and supported, they are positioned to grow by leaps and bounds in their world language development.

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10 simple ideas for introducing foreign language learning to toddlers

Posted by Language Stars on Oct 19, 2017 1:28:53 PM

Numerous studies have found that it's easier for children to learn a second language than for them to wait until adulthood to do so. Kids' brains function differently than those of adults, so they are simply better able to absorb different aspects of language learning. Their minds are truly like little sponges!

Knowing this, many parents' logical next question is: At what age should I teach my child to be multilingual?

The answer: A child is never too young to begin learning different languages.

In multilingual households, babies are exposed to different languages starting the day they are born. As children grow, so do the opportunities to learn. Language Stars classes begin when tots are age 12 months or older, helping them to gain foreign language skills simultaneously as they naturally learn the English language at this age.

Toddlers' natural curiosity makes language learning a truly magical experience. Patient parents who go slow and focus on the fundamentals will be rewarded with accelerated early childhood development.  To support your child's progression toward becoming multilingual, try these 10 language activities for toddlers at home:

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Today and tomorrow: Foreign language skills matter

Posted by Language Stars on Oct 10, 2017 8:53:53 PM

No matter how much you believe in the importance of foreign-language education, there will always be naysayers. Common arguments include the idea that technology will communicate for us, making multilingualism obsolete. Others point to English being the world's language, so why should we worry about learning anything else? Others think foreign language is simply too complex for kids to learn.

Realistically, language skills today matter more than ever before. Here are some intriguing reasons why becoming multilingual will benefit your child now and well into the future:

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