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Why choose private immersion classes?

Posted by Language Stars on Dec 28, 2017 11:40:33 AM


You've decided to enrich your child's life with foreign language classes. Great! Which option should you choose—group classes or one-on-one instruction? The short answer: You can't go wrong with either. But there are key differences to consider when exploring foreign language private lessons.

Group classes offer fun, camaraderie, friendship and peer support. Kids thrive in FunImmersion® and are engaged by high-energy activities that incorporate play-based learning. At Language Stars, the classroom experience is a blend of enriching group activities blended with fun projects. Children learn the language in an organic, natural way and have fun doing it.

However, in a group setting, the pace may be too slow for some and too fast for others.

One-on-one private language tutoring from native speakers allows a child to focus and learn at his or her own pace. Blending culture and authentic experiences with a private language tutor is a powerful way for your child to learn.

What else does private immersion in a foreign language offer? Here are a few highlights.

Schedule flexibility

Private tutoring lessons can be tailored to your schedule. (That's for you, busy soccer mom!) Private lessons can be built around your child's other commitments, including sports, music lessons and other after-school activities.

Personalized instruction

Is your child picking up the language at lightning speed? Would he or she benefit from kicking it up a notch? Private immersion might be the way to go. Highly motivated learners need to be challenged with personalized, one-on-one lessons. Private lessons also allow the student and teacher to focus on the student's goals, abilities and pace, tailoring a program that is exactly right for your child.

Faster results

The focus and one-on-one nature of private immersion can provide for rapid acceleration of language development. That's because your child is getting the full attention of his or her teacher, who gets to know your child's learning style, level of skill and goals.

Bottom line? Learning a world language, whether it's in a group or one-on-one, will enrich your child's life.

Private, one-on-one lessons in Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, German and Arabic are available to any student ages 3 to 12, regardless of whether he or she has taken other classes with Language Stars.

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